Web-to-print specialist Vpress has introduced Dynamic Editor 4.0, an addition to its Coreprint software that allows for flexible interactive document design and updating within controlled brand guidelines, making approved – and printable – document production simpler for print buyers of all experience levels.

Working from document templates, which Vpress says can be created quickly and easily, the Dynamic Editor guides users through the steps required to adapt or update artwork, while ensuring that brand colours are maintained, logos and graphics are kept at the correct proportions, image resolutions are adequate and other prepress requirements and brand guidelines are met. This should ensure that the resulting artwork will render without any problems at the printer’s site and so reduce time spent on corrections by the printer.

Vpress technical director James Hall explained, ‘This web-to-print engine is fully integrated with the Coreprint digital asset management system, and its powerful user interface has been designed to ensure you can empower your customers creatively, without the need for extensive training and set-up

‘More important than that, it is intuitive and adaptive features significantly reduce the time you will need to spend supporting customers on the phone and through email. It will ensure that the files they send you will be bang on brand and technical specs each time – whether they come from a secretary in a medical practice through to a professional designer.

‘The easier you make it for the customer to specify and send the print file to you, the more they are going to order from you. And by reducing manual interventions, you are increasing your profitability per client.’

Craig Smith, global product manager at Vpress, elaborated, ‘Dynamic Editor 4.0 delivers unparalleled levels of performance and creativity for the user, whilst conforming to a definable brand control framework. Built from the ground up using the latest technologies, it’s mobile-responsive, available across multiple devices and browsers and ensures availability anytime, anywhere.’

Users can selected from curated and approved image content, and even those with little or no design experience can crop or realign images and adjust opacity levels, while being kept within ‘safe guard rails’ of the templates’ brand guidelines. An advanced mode is available for more experienced users and artwork changes are previewed immediately. As it is ‘housed’ within the Coreprint platform, Dynamic Editor 4.0 is also fully integrated with any MIS, ERP, procurement or prepress workflow, said Mr Smith.