Vivid Laminating Technologies has introduced a fleet of new ‘digital die cutters’ in the form of two new ranges, the VeloBlade Volta and VeloBlade Nexus cutters. 

Spurred by the success of the original VeloBlade, launched in 2019, and its B2 version introduced in early 2020, Vivid’s VeloBlade Volta is available in two sizes, 600 x 400 and 600 x 900mm, and four variants, based on cutting thickness. The standard in the Volta 64 and 69 is 2mm, with ‘plus’ versions of each supporting a depth of 10mm via an optional oscillating tool. All four have 150mm of auto-feed sheet capacity in addition to roll-feed and support bar codes for automatic job recognition. They have a selection of tools that can replicate the effect of conventional dies but without the expense or delay of die-making, and can handle label stock, paper, card, KT board and Foamex amongst other materials.

The Nexus line is aimed at wide-format applications and ups the format from B2 to a minimum 1800 x 1600mm and opens up a range of possibilities with a router able to cut substrates up to 25mm thick, including Dibond, MDF, acrylic and fabrics, but still capable of intricate and accurate work. Over 100 cutting tools and accessories are supported. The Nexus models feature automatic cut depth setting which speed job set-up, as does a rotating bed to enable both roll and sheet-fed operation.

Richard Marlow, sales director at Vivid said, ‘Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen many of our customers seeking ways to diversify and offer services they’ve previously had to outsource. Consistently, one of the biggest outsourcing costs we’ve seen is die-cutting. By extending the VeloBlade range we’re now able to provide businesses a variety of systems with different capabilities. From kiss cutting right through to 25mm, there is a system to suit every application.’