Laminating system manufacturer Vivid has introduced a larger addition to its VeloBlade range of digital cutting systems, the VeloBlade 68, which can handle sheets up to B2 size and brings efficiency and productivity enhancements.

Complementing the VeloBlade 64, which was introduced at The Print Show in September 2019, the VeloBlade 68 also combines custom cutting, creasing and perforating in a single pass with auto-feed, conveyor belt and a collection tray to allow for unattended operation. In addition to handling the larger format, the new model handles a wider range of stocks and features a rotating cutting knife for clean finishes, plus laser registration technology, individually activated vacuum clamps and a zonal conveyor belt for efficient stock placement.

The input stacker accommodates up to 100mm depth of work on stocks up to 1.5mm thick or 1200gsm weight. Registration is achieved via CCD camera for jobs with registration marks or via laser registration. Vivid describes the VeloBlade 68 as ‘perfect’ for producing packaging, PoS and other jobs requiring complex cutting that would otherwise require a die, particularly when used in combination with its Matrix laminating and foiling systems.

Vivid sales director Richard Marlow said, ‘The VeloBlade range has been incredibly well received across the industry. It just made sense to bring a larger model to market. The VeloBlade 68 is the ideal choice for those businesses who need to produce bigger artwork or have a greater volume of products to produce’.