German pre-media, digital asset management and workflow developer Dalim Software has opened a UK office to provide direct sales and support to existing and prospective new customers.

The new subsidiary is headed by managing director Colin Price, who has extensive experience with the Dalim portfolio in both commercial and technical contexts, particularly as a director of Turning Point Technologies in the early 2000s where he was involved in the sale and implementation of high value solutions that included Dalim Twist prepress workflow software . He has also had sales management and support roles at a range of suppliers including Linotype-Hell, Scitex, Lüscher and Screen Europe.

‘When I was selling Dalim Software  solutions in the early 2000s, they set the bar for workflow automation in repro and print companies. The mainstream workflow products of today have only just caught up with those 20-year old features,’ Mr Price observed. ‘Many customers are still users today. It was amazing to see how Dalim Software products have been extended in terms of the markets they can serve. Dalim ES can be deployed in just about any business to automate and improve processes, whilst managing collaboration between supply chain teams. Working remotely is a new necessary. In the current climate it’s essential that everyone can do their job from wherever they are. Dalim ES makes this possible.’

Dalim CEO Carol Werlé commented, ‘We consider the transition of support from Germany to a UK entity a very significant investment. As new rules of commerce could affect how business is consummated in the future, this will assure that there will be no interruption of service to the entire UK market and our customers. By placing a physical presence in the UK, our support is much closer – and faster

‘Important to our presence is the appointment of Colin Price as managing director. In the past, Colin played an instrumental role in the growth of Dalim Software. He introduced to the market the first installation of Dalim Mistral – a forerunner of Dalim ES. We consider him the most talented Dalim Software representative in the UK.’

Focused on the UK market, Dalim UK will continue to maintain both direct and existing indirect sales channels. Of particular interest to digital printers will be Dalim Drive, a new PDF pre-flighting and workflow enhancement tool that works alongside existing workflows and DFEs to help avoid prepress bottlenecks and so keep high speed inkjet and other presses running to capacity.