Kornit Digital has established a UK entity devoted exclusively to serving the British market, the industry’s largest in the EMEA region.

Between 2013 and 2019, UK online retail sales in the United Kingdom nearly doubled, reaching more than £76 billion last year. This makes it the world’s third-biggest e-commerce market, after the USA and China.

Kornit says the move reflects its ‘commitment to streamlining its logistics operation and ensuring a closer relationship with its customers.’ 

‘We’ve seen substantial growth in the United Kingdom in recent years and owe a great deal of success to our partners,’ said Chris Govier, Kornit Digital’s EMEA managing director. ‘A dedicated UK distribution hub will ensure faster and more efficient service to our growing customer base, maximising our customers’ uptime and productivity, and we look forward to building upon our success as the pre-eminent provider of digital print technologies to this largest of European markets.’

The company added that investing in a UK-based organisation will ’empower Kornit to address the growing need for sustainable on-demand production, and reflects the brand’s strategy of enabling proximity production. Kornit will be able to further support customers locally with resources to deliver services and value directly, with fewer logistical hurdles and personnel attuned to the challenges and demands of that region.’