High-end digital embellishment press manufacturer Scodix has introduced an ’embellishment DFE’ to boost throughput for users of its Ultra Digital Enhancement press, claiming a 60% increase in job processing speed.

Scodix Studio Station is a dedicated hardware and software package that has an external RIP server, making RIPping both faster and automatic. It includes two registration methods to match embellishment effects to underlying print – corner detection and CMYK object detection – which Scodix says allows accuracy down to 100µm (one tenth of a millimetre). It joins Scodix Studio W2P (offered in normal and Customized versions) in Scodix’s workflow portfolio.

‘This new solution allows printers to prepare more jobs, faster, handle large volume variable-data jobs and process jobs from various sources more efficiently,’ said Amit Shvartz, Scodix CMO. ‘As every digital printer knows, uptime is imperative to profitability, and Scodix Studio Station will help printers maximise the efficiency and productivity of their digital enhancement operations.’

Of the Scodix Automatic Registration Process described above, he added, ‘For trade printers and PSPs receiving jobs from lots of different sources, this will simplify the process and allow them to access the full power of Scodix Digital Enhancement.’

Mr Shvartz also confirmed that Scodix now has over 350 installations in more than 65 countries around the world. Its products are available in the UK via Friedheim International.