Antalis has launched a range of PPE solutions to help protect against the Coronavirus shortly after majority shareholder Sequana formalised the sale of its stake to Kokusai Pulp & Paper.

The range is intended to protect people working in healthcare, retail, supermarkets and warehouses from the Coronavirus. It has been designed to minimise the risk of infection across all environments including solutions offered in line with NHS recommendations.

The PPE on offer includes protective face visors and masks, made from a range of clear materials ‘to ensure maximum hygiene and a high degree of clarity.’ There are also disposable aprons, made from polythene and designed for single use to prevent contamination, as well as infrared forehead thermometers for the quick and easy checking of personnel.

Antalis has also introduced social distancing products, including tape, wall and floor graphics, and protective barrier film alongside a range of hygiene products. The latter portfolio includes anti-bacterial wipes and sprays, tissues, hand sanitiser, facial tissues, antibacterial soap and toilet paper.