Tecnau has unveiled the StreamFolder 5152 cut and stack line for high-speed web fed color inkjet finishing.

The system produces short-run digital book printing jobs of varying run lengths, is available with a tack-gluing option and operates at speeds of up to 230m/min.

The 5152 is a member of Tecnau’s Revolution 50 series, a family of products featuring Internet-of-Things compatibility, and media flexibility.

The system plow-folds the web once or twice along the travel direction, enabling efficient use of a web-fed press at its maximum print width. Curl is canceled out as the web is folded back onto itself, for reliably flat books. The StreamFolder 5152 also features ‘north/south job offsetting,’ offsetting sets/book-blocks back and forth in the direction of travel to maintain full speed even for multiple consecutive small sets.