The Ghent Workgroup has introduced a Commercial Print landing page on its website, bringing together artwork creation and supply format information for creatives, publishers and printers dealing with advertisements and other commercial print work.

The new area on the GWG website contains a variety of information, available free of charge. This includes application settings for PDF creation from design and illustration programs, plus pre-flight profiles for pre-flighting applications and workflow tools, which respectively help ensure that good quality PDF is produced and check that files are ready for error-free production.

Webinar recordings cover topics such as the PDF/X standards and the GWG applications built on the standards, as well as an introduction to the workgroup itself. Other webinars cover colour, digital print, packaging and sign & display. There is a PDF/X workflow guide that explains the GWG specifications, and the Ghent Output Suite which tests whether hardware and software is capable of displaying and outputting PDF files correctly, plus guidelines for correct or optimal configuration. There are also links to technical resources for software and hardware developers.

Christian Blaise, marketing officer of the Ghent Workgroup and founder & CEO at AgileStreams, commented, ‘Over the years we’ve developed lots of documentation and tools for creatives, publishers and printers, and we wanted to make it easier for people to find those.’