The Ghent Working Group (GWG) has released a public beta version of its pre-flighting specifications for sign and display print applications, with the launch of a technical specification document and pre-flighting profiles from Callas Software and Enfocus.

The specification is intended to allow workflow and production software developers to implement standardised quality control , while artwork creators can also use it to prepare jobs for reliable output. It aims to address a wide variety of sign and display applications, from banners and billboards to vehicle wraps.

Key factors that the specification addresses include scaling factor and viewing distance that govern the optimum resolution for images and the resulting artwork file size. Wide-gamut colour spaces are also permitted for the first time, reflecting the varying capabilities of different wide-format devices and ink sets.

David van Driessche, executive director of the GWG and chief technology officer at Four Pees, said, ‘Each of these products has their own technical requirements and capturing all of them in one specification was no easy task.’

The specification and associated pre-flight profiles are available immediately from the GWG’s website.