SMARTSLIP integrates web technologies such as QR codes to create a personalised in-parcel document 


UK-based technology company ARC X-Media has upgraded its XMPie software to Enterprise Cross Media, a fully scalable and customisable marketing platform. 

The XMPie platform is used to power the company’s two cornerstone post-purchase  retail services, SMARTSLIP and SMARTReturns. SMARTSLIP is a digitally-led print piece that integrates web technologies such as QR codes, product recommendations, or promotional offer codes, to create a personalised in-parcel document which replaces the obsolete delivery note. SMARTReturns  is a fully customisable, mobile-optimised returns portal, which makes the product returns experience easier for the customer while saving significant cost and waste.

‘After launching our first post-purchase campaigns with XMPie, there was a lot of interest in what we were doing. We needed to safeguard our future by reinforcing our solution to handle our growing influx of clients,’ explained Andrew Curran, director. ‘We needed a bespoke solution. Off-the-shelf wasn’t an option because our requirements were so unique. XMPie is the core of our solution, everything else is built around it.’