, an online printing company, has launched a new, free to download game app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to help promote its services. 

In the game, players need a keen eye and quick reflexes to successfully work the conveyor belt at the busy Solopress printing factory. The aim is to get the stack of business cards, leaflets, posters and stickers all printed and ready to go out to customers within the time allowed. 

As an added bonus, the company is giving away £200 in vouchers to the player who achieves the highest score in the game by the end of August 2013. Enter the competition here

‘We are huge fans of video games and mobile technology at Solopress, so we decided to share the fun with a free gaming app for Apple’s phones and tablets,’ said Aron Priest, CEO and co-founder. ‘Give our game a go, it’s simple to play, yet surprisingly addictive. It also gives a little taster of just how nimble the print professionals at Solopress have to be to accomplish our incredibly fast printing times!’

Solo press games Screen shot from the game