Commercial printer Flexpress is targeting increased business growth with the use of its new Imprint Management Information System (MIS) as the gateway to success. 

The Leicester-based company has tried systems from other vendors before but found these to be unsuited to requirements, so instead wrote its own MIS, which it has been using for several years. It has now taken a step up with a comprehensive Imprint MIS that includes eXpert Estimating, Shop Floor Data Capture, and integration with the company’s Vpress Coreprint web to print software.

Managing director Steve Wenlock explained, ‘I wrote the MIS that we currently use in 2007. It was designed when we were turning over less than half a million pounds, and it was fine then. The company is a different animal now and that system is creaking at the seams. What we needed was a system that was right for us at the stage we are now and also able to see us through the future, no matter how we grow.

‘The key is that I know that Imprint is used in some of the biggest printers in the country, and if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for whatever we want to do. I don’t think we could achieve much more growth without huge expense on our current system. The key buying criteria for the Imprint MIS was that it was substantial enough to support our growth.’

The eXpert Estimating module automatically works out the most cost effective method of production and produces a quotation in seconds by analysing and selecting the best printing process and finishing route for the job in question.

‘Imprint is very easy for non-estimators to use,’ Mr Wenlock continued. ‘With most MIS systems you need skilled estimators and there’s a cost to the business for that. In Imprint you can get a non-estimator to do some basic quotes. We felt that was a real strength, because it allows our admin staff to take some pressure off the estimators.

‘The flexibility was really important. Our existing system does not cater for large format, so we have to do ‘fag packet’ pricing, which is not very good when it comes to scheduling. That’s a very important point. Another key fact was that Imprint is very receptive to doing custom programming, which is commendable. Other companies say they will develop something if enough people ask for it. Imprint just does it anyway if they feel it will benefit enough of their customers.’

Even though the system is not due to be live at Flexpress until July 2015, Imprint has already written bespoke reports for the company to use with its invoice financing partner, which will reduce the processes involved and save the print company time.

Integration with the Vpress Coreprint web to print software will reduce rekeying of incoming job details and also assist in programming jobs automatically into the production schedule. Having Imprint Online means that users can also view management and production information while off site.’