Jane Guildford has more than 10 years’ experience in paper sales and development


UK-based paper distributor Wigston Paper has appointed Jane Guildford to its business development team. 

Her focus will be on representing the company in London and the South, including working with creatives and printers and also promoting new products, such as the Senses range of premium coloured paper, to extended markets such as the luxury packaging and book publishing sectors.

Ms Guildford, who has more than 10 years’ experience in paper sales and development, said, ‘As a priority in my new role I will be targeting the people who specify the products being used on projects, including creative printers, design and branding agencies, luxury packaging companies, book publishers and binders. Building on my experience in both innovation development and sales I hope to help them make the right paper choice for their project.’

Director Rob Walker added, ‘We’re delighted to have Jane on the team, and we know that her collaborative and supportive way of working will bolster relations between Wigston Paper and our customers in London and the South.’