Pyramid Display Materials operator Igor Petruf with the CCMPremier 168


Pyramid Display Materials has invested in a CCM Premier168 guillotine from Terry Cooper Services.

The company runs more than 30 pieces of machinery in itsManchester, Gateshead, Castleford and Birmingham branches.Conversion is a big part of its business.

‘Accuracy of cutting is essential for the either plastic orfibrous based materials that we convert,’ explained Neil McCarthy,head of sales and marketing. ‘So, when our “old faithful”guillotine was finally deemed to be on it’s last legs it was timeto source a replacement.

‘We traditionally purchased refurbished second hand guillotinesbut when we saw the brand newCCM Premier  168 we were convinced a newmachine was the right decision. It combines a sturdy and accuratepiece of kit with a competitive price.’