In this column Digital Printer learns more about the men and women working behind the scenes to make digital print great. We find out about them, their careers and their thoughts on the industry. This time it’s the turn of Geoff Stone, managing director at EvoTeam and sales director at Hardings Print Solutions.

Mr Stone has been a part of the Hardings team for over 10 years, joining at the company’s inception in 2009. He is the third Stone in a row to work in print and came on stage at the 2019 Digital Printer Awards to accept the Finishing prize, won by Hardings for its work on London Cluster Photobooks.

The People in Print: Geoff StoneName: Geoff Stone
Job title: Sales director (Hardings) managing director (EVOteam)
Company: Hardings Print Solutions and EVOteam
Location: Heathrow

How did you end up working in the print industry / What was your first job in print?
I was literally born into print; my father and grandfather – both also called Geoff Stone – lead me to the inevitable. I was printing on a single colour rota print press when I was 12 years old.

What are your professional goals for the future?
To create a sustainable business model and closely watch the future of print and try and follow trends without being too pro-active.

What innovation/technology in print is making you most excited?
The Landa Nano[graphy], I saw it at the last Drupa and believe with run lengths ever decreasing this is the future technology.

What is the biggest issue/challenge facing the industry?
Printers undercutting each other which ultimately just makes the buyer richer and weakens the trade.

What advice would you give to someone just entering the industry?
Print is changing daily, watch the technology and embrace it. Learn every aspect you can and offer something slightly different to you closest competitor to stand out from the crowd.

What has been the biggest change since you entered print?
Seeing web and large format litho shrink in their presence with our trade and also the demise of some huge companies over recent years.

If you could go back and seize one opportunity you missed, what would it be?
I would honestly change nothing, I love the print industry and am so happy that I find myself in the position that I worked seriously hard to be in.

What one thing should the industry do to ensure its continued success?
Work with each other and reciprocate where possible. Print will never die and there is plenty to share.

Do you belong to any industry bodies or trade organisations? Why?
Yes, the BPIF. To be honest, when Hardings was organically growing it was more for status but we have found their knowledge of print and services to be of the highest level.

What do you enjoy most about working print?
Every morning waking up and facing a new day of challenges. Working hard to become the best we can be for our clients and giving them the service levels that they require to run their business.

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