Fedrigoni has unveiled the 2022 edition of its annual showcase calendar Fedrigoni 365, working with four different printers to produce a four-volume work that highlights finishing and binding as much as it does the print and creative work reproduced inside, and with the fourth volume printed digitally on HD Indigo presses to provide three alternate editions plus personalised slipcases.

Volumes 1, 2 and 3 were offset printed respectively by Hampton Printing, Team Impression and Kingsbury Press, with the multiple versions of volume 4 and the personalised slip case produced by Screaming Colour on HP Indigo, using white and metallic silver ElectroInks, allowing nearly 550 participants to be featured. Finishing for all four volumes and the case was provided by Diamond Print Services.

Fedrigoni 365 2022 is printed entirely on the FSC-certified range Materica, which is made with 25% recycled content and 10% cotton, giving the paper a bulky, rough and tactile feel. The range was recently expanded to include four new shades: Terracotta, Rust, Terra Gialla and Quarz; the last two were used in this year’s calendar along with existing shades Acqua, Terra Rossa, Gesso and Kraft.

Ambra Fridegotto of Fedrigoni UK, commented, ‘Last year’s Fedrigoni 365 effort was a true and inclusive celebration of creative minds coming together to artistically interpret positivity and resilience in the face of current challenges presented by the pandemic. This year, we wanted to facilitate the collaboration between print businesses for the good of the industry which, over the past two years, has been impacted by Covid-19. We also wanted to use the Fedrigoni 365 project to shine a light on the finishing techniques, as showcased by our partner Diamond, and the different binding techniques that contribute to the overall creative effect. It is these small but significant differences that make this year’s Fedrigoni 365 project a true celebration of the creative ecosystem in its entirety.’

Iain Moring of Screaming Colour added, ‘​​Screaming Colour were delighted to print Volume 4 of the set using HP Indigo technology with metallic ink and personalisation. The designs that were used throughout the book were truly inspiring, and to see so many different companies and individuals submitting such creativity for printed material brings a tremendous positivity to the print community”.’

A limited number of editions are available for purchase via Counter Print and profits will be donated to mental health charity Mind. Profits from previous editions have raised over £20,000 for various charities.