Direct Edge, a print communications business with sites in two American states, has installed a Fujifilm J Press 750S at its premises in California. The company, which works with sports and events venues, the retail sector, banks and restaurants, said it had made the investment ‘in the spirit of continuous innovation.’

The J Press 750S replaced a previous generation J Press 720S, which had impressed Direct Edge with its versatility and efficiency. The J Press 750S, however, can accommodate larger paper sizes and offers improved ROI, indeed the company estimates that the press is cutting operating costs by 50% compared to its toner alternative.

‘At Direct Edge, we are always investing in opportunities to provide our clients with the highest print quality while minimally impacting costs,’ said Ryan Brueckner, co-founder of Direct Edge. ‘We have confidence that the J Press 750S inkjet’s proven technology is far superior in quality, cost and color. This allows us to start winding down our toner devices and eventually phase them out.’

Mr Brueckner stressed that the J Press’s ability to handle thicker stocks and proceed sellable work from the first sheet was also key for his company. ‘No other printing asset we have can meet this significant business opportunity,’ he said. ‘Because of the capabilities J Press offers, and the print efficiencies it creates, we can now offer our clients even higher product quality while keeping costs down, significantly improving our own margins.

‘And in addition to the high print quality, we have customers who will accept nothing but the J Press for their jobs, even if it means they have to wait a bit longer or spend a bit more. Add in the incredibly competitive pricing we’re able to offer because of the increased efficiencies of the J Press, it’s clear that the J Press 750S is truly helping us grow our business into the future.’

Tom Pokorny, director, product management, Fujifilm North America, Graphic Systems Division, added, ‘A company like Direct Edge that produces print for many varying vertical markets including quick service restaurants, events, retail, financial and beverage, highlights the versatility and value the J Press delivers to a print provider. The investment in their new J Press 750S will continue to deliver on the business expansion they’ve been experiencing and increased operations efficiency for Direct Edge.’