Printstore has installed a new PFi Blade B2+ digital cutting table from Duplo to help it bring digital die-cutting work in-house. The Kingston-based company, which runs a Xerox Versant and HP Latex digital presses, was purchased by Peter Andreou at the beginning of this year with previous owner Brendan Donoghue retiring.

Printstore’s design and creative team expects to keep its new investment busy, as commercial director Gez Clarke explained, ‘We have many high-profile agencies and brands that we’re helping with their packaging solutions. Purchasing the PFi Blade B2+ allows us to utilise our in-house creative design facility and show our customers what we can achieve in a very short turnaround and in some cases with the customer present offering a truly amazing quick turnaround of prototype packaging and design allowing faster products to market. Prior to the investment we would require a five or six day turnaround. Internalising this process is a major time saving benefit, and we can also keep track of all our inventory and control the quality and materials more efficiently.’

Mr Clarke and his colleagues did consider other alternatives but Duplo’s customer service was key to their decision to invest. ‘We did have a look around the market and there are many very similar devices, but we’ve always been a fan of Duplo, and working with them has been really great. They are very supportive and have been looking after our operators as the learning curve on these machines is quite steep. Since purchasing the machine, we’ve been able to integrate it into our current production process and to accelerate the creative process.

‘The PFi Blade B2+ although a very small machine, it’s made a huge impact and we can look at expanding our product portfolio to our existing customer base, but also start targeting growth in new sectors where Printstore has never had a presence.’

Adam Drummond, regional sales manager at Duplo added, ‘I’ve been working with Printstore for years, they’re a great bunch of people. Peter is bringing new strategies online to bring this very well-established commercial printer into a new age of commercial success – and good luck to him! Duplo market the Blade B2+ as the machine that will help find new markets for your print – that is exactly what Printstore are going to be using it for.’