Durst has added a dye sublimation roll-fed printer with inline heat fixation capability for simplified and more productive direct-to-fabric printing in addition to transfer paper printing.

The P5 Tex iSub is a 3.3m roll printer based on the P5 platform introduced in 2018. Via interchangeable vacuum plates it can print to either thermal transfer paper or directly to fabric, with the inline heat fixation carried out via a non-contact process that Durst says avoids ink bleed, dust contamination or fabric discolouration, resulting in improved colour consistency and sharp reproduction of text or other fine graphic details even on thin fabrics.

Andrea Riccardi, head of product management at Durst Group, said, ‘No investment and no floor space is required for a calender. The Durst P5 Tex iSub is operated by only one operator, and the process acceleration also increases our customers’ ability to deliver.’

The standard Sublifix ink colour set is CMYK but there are also ‘light’ C, M and K inks plus blue and orange for gamut expansion and matching otherwise difficult brand colours. Durst says that the ink produces vivid colours even on black-back or backlit materials, and that colour management for both printing modes has been included in its workflow software, along with support for eyelet placement, fold and stitching lines and other finishing elements.

Productivity is up to 383sqm/hr when using the full roll width and dual roll printing up to 1.6m per roll is also supported. An integrated finishing unit allows media to be sewn or stitched. A version of the P5 Tex iSub will be offered without the inline fixation capability for users who already have a calender or are printing only to paper. Durst is offering live remote demonstrations and will send print samples on request.

The P5 Tex iSub is available to order immediately and deliveries are expected to begin in June.