Reading-based VGL has started work with a new Durst Rhotex 325 dye sublimation printer to meet growing client demands in applications ranging from outdoor signage to transport, architectural, retail and promotional work and including the ability to print on stretch materials.

A previous Digital Printer Awards winner for innovation, VGL offers a ‘one stop shop’ service from concept through design, printing production and installation but found that it was facing increasing demands for fast turnaround and just-in-time deliveries.

VGL production director Mark Elen commented, ‘The Durst Rho 325 literally eats the volumes and is three or four times faster than the machines it will replace. Speed is really important when you have multiple clients all wanting their jobs straight away.

‘It’s apparent from this pandemic, more than ever you need to be extremely agile. It’s an even more competitive market where, for example, we get asked by internationally-renowned brands to change job specifications at a moment’s notice. And often you won’t know whether it’s 300 or 3000 square metres to be printed. The Durst machines are absolutely superb and extremely reliable.’

The Rhotex 325 uses water-based dye sublimation inks to print either directly to polyester-based fabrics or to transfer papers for subsequent heat transfer and can switch rapidly between substrate types. It runs at up to 390sqm/hr in ‘productivity’ mode and offers resolutions up to 800dpi.