Muller Martini has released the Vareo Pro, a three-clamp perfect binder, as well as unveiling a new generation of its Publica PRO perfect binders.

The Vareo Pro, which is capable of 1350 cycles per hour, is an enhanced version of the company’s Vareo model, with new features including a new graphical user interface and what Muller Martini is calling a ‘unique operating concept’ developed to be ergonomic. 

Compared to its predecessor the Vareo Pro’s hotmelt back gluing unit has been updated, its hotmelt system is also available with an optional trolley, making the two systems easy, reliable and, thanks to a separately available preheating cable, interchangeable without any loss of time.

The hotmelt spine gluing system, which is based on the Alegro 7000 cycle perfect binder from Muller Martini, has also been completely redesigned to ensure ideal glue flow and temperature control. It is equipped with two application rollers and a separately heated counter-rotating spinner roller. The two roller systems are now independently height adjustable. Edge gluing is now fully automatic as standard. All settings are thus reproducible.

Finally Muller Martini says it has updated the Publica Pro because ‘even though softcover products are no longer printed in runs of hundreds of thousands, even millions of copies as they were a decade ago, high-performance perfect binding is still very important.’ The company added that it ‘believes in the future of high-quality leaflets and brochures.’

Described as ideal for magazines, catalogues and high-volume publications is available in three difference performance classes, capable of 12,000, 15,000 and 18,000 cycles per hour.