Mutoh has partnered with Global Graphics to integrate the latter’s Harlequin technology into its VereLith RIP software.

The integrated product will be available via a download from November, initially just for Mutoh’s VJ-1638UR/UH and XPJ-461/661UF UV machines but eventually for all the company’s inkjet models, including eco-solvent machines.

‘By making extensive use of the Harlequin Host Renderer features,’ said Mutoh executive engineer Norishige Kakuno. ‘VerteLith delivers advanced features that conventional RIP software does not offer such as avoiding printing jobs incorrectly by displaying a soft proof and ripped image preview, and ink cost calculation before printing.

‘Additionally, while conventional RIP software mainly targets roll media, VerteLith is the new all-in-one RIP software covering most features required for roll media printing as well as integrating a jig layout tool to improve usability for UV flatbed printers. It saves a lot of time and effort by enabling auto-image positioning of the printing material on the flatbed table or auto-page layout on each individual jig slot. The jig layout tool is just one example of the new features being offered to improve customer’s efficiency and to develop new markets.’