Dezines, a digital design and marketing agency based in Newport, has launched a new company producing bespoke photographic wallcoverings, printed by a new HP Latex 335 print and cut system.

The new business, 360 Design Consultants, will join an existing group of companies owned and managed by Kerry Sian Ballard. However it is primarily an offshoot of Dezines Internet Solutions, which provides front-end web development and design, e-commerce platform solutions, video and photographic asset production.

‘We produce wonderful photographic work for clients whose walls are currently bare, while others require easily changeable photographic backdrops for in-house photoshoots,’ said Ms Ballard, Dezines’ managing director. ‘Among our clients there is considerable interest in photographic walls.’

Speaking about the HP Latex system itself, Ms Ballard added, ‘I have found both HP printers and computers to be reliable, high quality and built to last. I’ve also watched hundreds of videos on photo walls and heard the opinions of HP clients around the world, so had followed the development of HP Latex printers for our new business.’

Ms Ballard opted for the HP Latex 335 after seeing it in action at the The Print Show in September 2019. She even opted to completely reconfigure her print room in order to fit in the 1.6m machine.

‘Our first test projects came out very well – the print quality is superb,’ the managing director finished. ‘We’re very excited by the potential of the HP Latex 335.

‘Some businesses have struggled to succeed in wall coverings, but we’re solving problems by having the right design, e-commerce and software in place. We’re confident we can get it right.’