The IPIA and BAPC have launched a free online conference, #PUNCHBACKPRINT, with 20 individual seminars and workshops being supported by 37 speakers and panellists. 

Its goal is to help the UK print industry strengthen its adaptability and resilience in the face of a challenging business environment. The first instalment in the series took place on 31 July, but future episodes are scheduled for 4, 5 and 12 August.

‘It has been a tough few months. We have all pulled together and worked hard to keep our industry strong and relevant,’ said Graeme Smith, chairman of the IPIA. ‘The industry can now get set to experience a wealth of inspiring, insightful, and educational online seminars and workshops. With each having been designed to give organisations in our sector new tools to assist with meeting the challenges that tomorrow will bring. Challenges we will face together.’

The mission of the two organisations is to support the UK print industry to not just survive, but thrive. Not only through providing it with educational and inspirational content, but through educating marketeers about its power to engage, fuel emotion and cut through the digital noise.

With this in mind, one of the five core channels that the conference content is organised into is ‘Integrating Print into your Market Strategy’. In particular, this content has been shaped to attract creatives, marketeers and brand managers and educate them about the power and effectiveness of print as a route to market.

‘Recent NAPCO research shows 28% of marketeers have not had experience in print,’ Mr Smith finished. ‘This gives the print industry a unique opportunity to educate creatives, brand managers and agencies about using a tool that can be highly personalised, directly target customer demographics from their online data, and build a premium, innovative experience unique to any other media.’