The latest high end system from Quark is its Publishing Platform for Customer Communications.

This is an enterprise level integrated system that automates the creation and delivery of interactive content across print, web and digital formats. It’s an open system that can work with enterprise infrastructures and business systems.

‘Creating compelling communications that reach consumers quickly and in their preferred medium is a challenge faced by financial services organisations, manufacturers, governmental organisations, traditional media, and marketers,’ said Quark. The new publishing Platform lets them create smart content – structured and self-describing – that can be maintained and assembled as needed based on audience or output type.

Ray Schiavone, President and CEO of Quark, said: ‘It’s well known that today’s consumers expect rich, personalised, and timely information to reach them on the devices they prefer. What’s less well known is that very few organisations have the systems in place to meet this demand efficiently. Quark Publishing Platform is the first complete solution with the potential to transform the customer communication process.’

The modules of the platform work together to enable the creation and automatic assembly of content for different audiences, publications, and media types. Users can:

* Automatically assemble and deliver content to print, PDF, HTML5, Web, XML, tablet and mobile apps, and other digital formats

* Reduce cycle-time by previewing content and interactive media in real-time while authoring in Microsoft Word

* Design for automation using familiar layout and authoring tools

* Easily integrate with syndication services and content management systems such as IBM FileNet Content Manager, Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, and others

* Reuse and repurpose XML and structured content from third party systems

Quark Publishing Platform modules include:

* Quark Publishing Platform Server: A platform-independent, enterprise-class, Java server application that manages manual and automated publishing processes and components including projects, versions, styles, privileges, routing, and multimedia assets such as audio and video, as well as advanced XML content components.

* Quark Publishing Platform Renderer: A publishing server that can also connect to additional rendering solutions such as Open Toolkit and Antenna House.

* Quark XML Author: An add-in to Microsoft Word that allows writers to develop structured XML in the Word environment without requiring knowledge of XML. It supports native XML metadata, including standard and industry-specific tagging options that users are able to apply directly while authoring within Word.  

* Quark Publishing Platform Web Client: features an intuitive interface that supports tracking changes, adding notes, receiving assignments, and searching for content from any web browser. Without installing additional software, external knowledge workers can create documents from templates while they contribute and collaborate on projects.

* Quark Publishing Platform Client: A desktop client that enables collaboration, version control, and access to metadata by every user regardless of their location, operating system, or application preferences.

* QuarkXPress Enterprise Edition: design software that facilitates the creation and publishing of ‘richly designed’ materials for print, Web, eBooks, smartphones, and tablets such as the iPad and the Kindle. It works with Quark Publishing Platform so users can search, assign, and track page elements, projects, and publications while streamlining the publishing workflow.