Ottimo Digital has invested in a 3.2m Klieverik GTC 101 3500 calender press from CMYUK. The Kleverik, which is able to handle both dye sublimation transfer printing and dye fixation of direct printed dispersed dyes or pigments, now sits alongside an EFI Vutek FabriVu 340i dye sublimation printer which Ottimo also acquired through CMYUK.

‘Installing the Klieverik is the next logical step for us,’ explained Nick Lindwall, Director, Ottimo Digital. ‘It takes us to the next level of fabric production. Using a separate calender gives us greater versatility and expands our applications reach. The purchase of the Klieverik is an excellent opportunity for us to perfect our fabric offering.’

As for why his company had opted for the EFI machine, Mr Lindwall said, ‘We were pushed towards the FabriVU 340i by a handful of clients who said that if we started to offer dye sublimation they  would not only give us all their fabric work, but everything else as well. It prints direct to fabric with inline fixation for graphics that are immediately ready for finishing and packing.

‘All the big boys that are digitally printing fabrics tend to use separate calenders, so we always thought we would buy one. When the CMYUK promotion came up both my business partner Lee Crew and myself emailed one another at the same time. Investing in the Klieverik is all about maturing our fabric offering so we can get optimal results.’

In addition to the Klieverik and the FabriVu 340i Ottimo has also worked with CMYUK to install an EFI Vutek LX3 UV LED 3.2m hybrid printer, an EFI Quantum 5m UV LED roll-to-roll printer and Kongsberg digital cutting technology. ‘CMYUK is our go-to supplier and we trust that if it’s selling the Klieverik then it’s a very good piece of equipment,’ Mr Lindwall concluded.

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