Heimtextil has launched the Future Materials Library, a digital showcase of innovative textiles from all over the world compiled to allow visitors to ‘discover the potential of previously unknown textiles at any time.’

The virtual library builds upon an exhibit which took place at the last in-person Heimtextil show in 2020. Like that exhibit the library has been curated by London-based Franklin Till and it contains materials that are already available alongside those still in development.

Franklin Till has organised the materials under four themes, Regenerative Crops, Remade Fibres, Harvesting Waste Streams and Sustainable Colours. ‘We are transitioning to a materials revolution that will help restore the balance in our relationship to our planet,’ explained co-founder Caroline Till. ‘As part of the Heimtextil Trends 21/22, we present a new selection of materials for interior applications with exciting innovations from all over the world.’

The library initially contains 24 materials that include consciously cultivated textiles such as hemp, nettle and yak fiber; textiles made from industrial and post-consumer textile; and repurposed byproducts from other industries. In addition, the library highlights agricultural sources for dye extraction as well as lab-engineered bacteria that can be fermented to produce a range of specific colours.

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