Infigo, Significans Automation and Tilia Labs are working together to provide a free online resource for web-to-print strategy and technical queries, offering regular online events from 21 June, live demonstrations at industry events and the opportunity for printers to ask questions at both.

Called Web Connect+, the initiative will cover a wide range of topics , from how a web-to-print platform works to the role of AI technology and automation and will feature examples of printers who have benefited from a strategic implementation. The first online session will take place on 21 June 2022 at 18:00 BST with a webinar on ‘the benefits of a complete connectivity turnkey solution’, hosted by Infigo’s Douglas Gibson and Antonia Fagan. The plan is to hold webinars each quarter.

Marc Raad, president of Canadian firm Significans Automation, with whom Infigo has recently partnered, said, ‘I really think we are at a tipping point in society with e-commerce, AI and web-to-print. Unfortunately, printers that don’t push the boundaries of automation will be left behind their competitors. This will be a great forum to learn more about what web-to-print can do, and de-mystify a lot of the technicalities while also sharing what’s possible and what could be possible in the future.

‘I’m sure the value and insight we share through the Web Connect+ community over the coming years will be a game-changer for a lot of print businesses around the globe.”

Sagen de Jonge, co-founder and CEO at Tilia Labs, added, ‘In our opinion, it’s a collaboration that drives innovation in the print industry. Through Web Connect+ we want to be able to reach out to as many of those in the industry that could benefit from automation and AI in web-to-print.

‘We’re really excited to get these sessions off the ground, to not only spread the word about the automation possibilities with AI in web-to-print, but to hear the real problems that printers face and how we can help them overcome these challenges.’

Mr Gibson, CEO and founder of Infigo, said: “It’s true what they say, ‘together we are stronger’ but in this case, the collaboration provides our customers a more connected workflow with greater opportunity to talk with real people, with real industry experience and know-how, and this will provide value to those who adopt changes within their business.’