Blake Envelopes has joined forces with School In A Bag and Rapid Relief Team to deliver aid to those affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

The company partnered with charity School In A Bag to fund School Bags as part of the latter’s Ukraine Appeal. Blake’s involvement saw enough funds raised to package 352 School Bags. Each of these contains learning resources for a child to learn for a year, in addition to a hygiene kit, facecloth, water bottle and a lunchbox and spork.

The bags have been sent to a team at the charity Te Aud Romaina, which Blake supported in 2020, whilst distributing School Bags to the children orphaned at Guru Humorului. Te Aud Romania’s location is a one-hour drive from the Ukrainian border where large numbers of families fleeing the fighting are arriving.

In recent weeks Blake has also partnered with the Rapid Relief Team (RRT), which recently launched ‘Operation 322’ to deliver emergency food and personal care supplies to those displaced. With essential food and personal care products in high demand, RRT loaded trucks with food boxes filled with non-perishable items, personal and baby care kits.

So far 28 truckloads of emergency aid have reached displaced Ukrainians. Blake has donated seven pallets of food parcels, a total of 5292 meals.