Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems has arranged a number of partnerships through which it will showcase its digital cutting solutions at demo centres across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

‘We are delighted that several of our distribution partners have now installed Kongsberg cutting tables and tooling combinations in their demo centers across the EMEA region,’ said president Stuart Fox. ‘Kongsberg cutting solutions are renowned for delivering the most robust and reliable digital cutting solutions to packaging, signage and display markets worldwide. We want to ensure that customers are able to witness the power and performance of our range without having the expense, inconvenience and environmental impact of travelling half-way around the world to do so.’

The company’s range of cutting systems, tools, software and automation solutions will now be displayed and demonstrated at Dynagraph in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; at KTA in Helsinki, Finland; Lexplast in Tallinn, Estonia; Lidya Group in Istanbul, Turkey, at Getter Group in Tel Aviv, Israel and at two Graphic Supply World demo centres in Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Judd Perring, Kongsberg’s territory sales manager for the EMEA region, added, ‘We’ve all experienced first-hand how the Covid outbreak affected the way that many businesses are operating, not least the significant impact the situation has had on business travel. There’s every chance that the way the industry has adapted to these conditions will influence and transform the way people work for many years to come.

‘With that in mind, Kongsberg and our partners recognised the need for local demonstration facilities across EMEA, and we have worked with our distribution partners to open several new locations, in addition to our existing locations in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Italy and, of course, at Kongsberg headquarters in Gent, Belgium.

‘By fusing technology and creativity, Kongsberg PCS drives innovation, enabling customers to produce faster, safer, and more efficiently, without limiting imagination. We are delighted to announce the opening of these new facilities, which will enable more businesses to experience the power and precision of Kongsberg solutions.’