Point-of-sale specialist Emerald House Associates has installed an HP Latex R2000 hybrid wide-format printer supplied by Papergraphics to improve its environmental credentials in order to meet customer demands.

The 25-year-old Corby company provides PoS materials to airports throughout the UK and Ireland, as well as shop-fitting work for the likes of Chanel, Selfridges and Harrods. Client demand for more environmentally friendly work had been growing in recent years, so it opted for HP’s water-based Latex technology – in the shape of a 2.5m hybrid R2000 Latex printer, installed in May 2021 –  in preference to solvent or UV-based alternatives.

‘We have a number of customers that are wanting us to produce more environmentally friendly products, and this is driving us to moving away from PVC-based materials,’ said print production manager Kevin Tolton. ‘The fact that the HP Latex R2000 runs with water-based ink suits us far better environmentally as opposed to using solvent-based inks.

‘Then there is the incredible quality of the final print; this, coupled with the sustainability features of the HP Latex R2000 will help us to retain our current customers in the long-term, as well as secure new, lasting clients that will remain with us for many years.’

Mr Tolton also reported that the success of the printer will most likely lead to further purchases of Latex technology.