DG3, a communications and marketing services business based in New Jersey, has upgraded its existing HP PageWide T230 to a HP PageWide Web Press T250 HD with HP Brilliant Ink.

The company, which specialises in producing financial and commercial printing for Fortune 500 companies, said the HP technology will help it create high-volume direct mail and high-coverage commercial print.

DG3 has long depended on HP technology, it invested in the first PageWide T230 in 2013 and also runs an Indigo 12000 Digital Press which also delivers short-run packaging. The upgraded T250 HD will help the company provide on-demand jobs along with sophisticated data security, which will be particularly important as it expands into personalised direct mail.

‘We are continuously transforming our business to focus on marketing solutions and new technology to add the most value for our clients. Delivering more sophisticated print faster is part of that value offering,’ said Steven Babat, DG3’s president and chief executive officer.

‘Personalised direct mail is growing the most rapidly with integration into automated digital channels. Our software workflows connect to and drive multichannel communications that track consumer behaviour, including measuring response rates with trackable QR codes with integration into our customers CRM systems.’

The T250 HD delivers an expanded colour and paper gamut for high-volume commercial, publishing, transactional, and direct mail applications. The press is integrated with the new inline Harris and Bruno 22 inch ExcelCoat ZRW Duplex Web Coater to eliminate bottlenecks.

Thanks to these upgrades to its production line, DG3 recently printed 100,000 postcards for a national telecoms company in under three hours, including printing, cutting and coating, compared to the 22 hours it would have taken using the previous press.

Meanwhile the Brilliant Ink, which has been developed specifically to print in high quality on coated and uncoated offset media, opens new possibilities for high-volume production of high-quality direct mail pieces, delivering ‘bold reds and dazzling blues with a glossy output.’ Brilliant Ink will also enable DG3 to adhere to standards for children’s books, environmental safety, and recyclability.

Carles Farre, the vice president and general manager HP PageWide Press, added, ‘We’re excited to continue to work with DG3, and support their busy roadmap for 2022 and beyond. It is always exciting to work with partners like DG3 who continue and diversify their businesses in an ever-changing world, as we move to enhanced digital printing capabilities.’