In a move that more than doubles the stand space that it has at Printing Expo Online, HP Indigo has opened a new virtual showroom that will showcase a range of technology the company offers for commercial print. 

HP Indigo already offered the HP Indigo Digital Pouch Factory at Printing Expo Online, the virtual exhibition launched in December 2020. This space has also been developed to include a Masterclass room featuring the brand new xRServices customer support system and an auditorium where visitors will be able to watch live and pre-recorded content over the next 12 months.

In terms of the new space, this will feature the HP Indigo 7K, 15K and 100K which is claimed to be the world’s most productive B2 digital solution. Visitors are able to view hi-resolution 3D renders of all the machines from anywhere in the world and they can slo download technical information, watch production and case study videos as well as booking live demos from anywhere in the world.

The HP Indigo General Commercial Print Showroom also includes a Pre-Press Room containing documentation and case study videos on HP Site Flow and PrintOS workflow automation. 

Wayne Beckett, the event director of Printing Expo, commented on the news. ‘What better place to learn about a new mixed reality service than at a virtual reality exhibition?’ He said. ‘The HP xRServices is revolutionary in customer support using the latest in mixed reality innovation, so you can imagine how excited we were when HP said they wanted to display it at the show.’