German printing company O/D has added a second Screen Truepress 520HD+ press, doubling its digital web inkjet capacity by linking the two presses for faster double-sided printing and enabling it to tap into the market for ‘programmatic printing’.

O/D produces work for major online retail platforms in the German market and for clients in the tourism, automotive and fashion industries. Located close to the German-French border, it also provides services to French customers. Demand for the company’s services had reached the point where its original TPJ 520HD, bought in 2019, was running 24 hours a day across three shifts.

Dominique Paul, O/D’s co-CEO, said, ‘We chose the Truepress 520HD+ for its high print quality, flexibility to print on almost any substrate without requiring primer, and because we can now couple and decouple our two Truepress 520HD machines. Screen is the only provider giving us this option.

‘Adding a second printer means we can go back to two shifts a day. And with the two 520HDs inline, we finish double-sided print jobs faster and for one-sided print jobs, we can run the two 520HDs simultaneously, so doubling production speed,’ Mr Paul added.

O/D sees opportunities for gaining market share in fast-growing ‘programmatic printing’, producing tailored direct mail materials, such as brochures, as dictated by data from marketing automation tools.

Mr Paul explained, ‘Increasingly, our customers want us to produce and mail printed materials containing information and pictures of exactly those products their end-clients are interested in. Real-time, automated analysis of end-clients’ online behaviour enables this technique, which is proven to enhance sales.

‘This means we must print brochures, fact sheets, etc., fast and in extremely small print runs of just a few copies, or even just one. We can only do this with digital inkjet.’