The DS Group has installed an Horizon BQ-160 PUR single-clamp perfect binder, supplied by IFS.

The company, which is based in Clacton-on-Sea, specialises in design, print, direct mail and media publishing services, producing digital work using a Ricoh ProC9200. Previously it had outsourced its perfect binding work, but decided the time had come to offer the service in-house. 

Managing director Allistair Hunter explained, ‘We were sending our perfect binding work out but the businesses we were using either closed or stopped offering the service. We wanted to be able to continue to respond to customer demand so decided to bring the process inhouse. We are also looking to offer a trade service.

The investment is the first time The DS Group has opted for a Horizon machine, with the team being impressed after seeing the binder in action. Mr Hunter continued, ‘We visited an IFS customer that was using the system in exactly the same way we wanted to. We were immediately sold and bought it there and then. The IFS team was very supportive and helpful and that enabled us to be confident in the decision. We also know we can call on them should we need any further assistance.

‘We liked the Horizon BQ-160 because it is a good quality system that was easy to set up and run. Horizon has a good name. We have always chosen solutions that are the right fit for our business, and this was perfect. We liked the fact we can quickly jump on it as and when we need to. The finish is good too which was very important.’

The Horizon BQ-160 can produce strong, high quality perfect bound books up to 1.6 inches thick at speeds up to 180 cycles per hour. It features a range of energy-save and auto-off functionsm as well as the ability to notch in one or both directions, and an optional carbon air filtration system to reduce adhesive odours.  

With the machine now up and running in Essex, Mr Hunter concluded, ‘It is very easy to use and we are confident in its ability to enable us to offer a consistently high quality finish. We see a lot of potential for growth. We are looking forward to promoting perfect binding as a trade service which will help us achieve our goal of an 18 month return on investment.’