CST Pharma, a pharmaceuticals specialist based in Walsall, has invested in a H+H Pocket Folding Unit, Transfer Unit and Vertical Delivery Unit in order to ramp up its productivity.

The company, which operates a pair of Ricoh digital printers, an 8300s and a C5300, purchased the new equipment from Friedheim International.

CST Pharma describes itself as a parallel importer and parallel exporter of branded pharmaceuticals, generic medicines, medical appliances, clinical dressings, diagnostics, nutritional drinks and unlicensed medicines for whom production efficiency is of critical importance.

The company’s existing folding solution required manual folds an this had been slowing down production as staff had to make these folds manually. The company was keen to eliminate this manual aspect from its production process and approached Friedheim for advice.

‘In order to improve our efficiency, we required a solution to remove the manual processes and speed up our production output,’ explained CST Pharma’s assistant general manager and print production manager Lee Adkins. ‘After spending hours searching and researching folding machines across the market, H+H looked like world leading specialists in small-sized leaflet folding machines and the high-quality machinery on offer looked far superior to any others available on the market.

‘As well as looking the part, this new folding solution has helped to increase productivity throughout our production processes, which will in turn give us the opportunity to meet deadlines faster and eliminate manual processes that were previously required.’

Mr Adkins went on to praise the role Friedheim played throughout the process. ‘From the first enquiry to installation, Friedheim International offered a professional and reliable service. No query was too much trouble; from multiple emails on leaflet sizes and machine specifications, to organisation of logistics and site survey to full installation and training on site, it was a pleasure dealing with Friedheim.’