BookBaby, an American company specialising in self-publishing, can now produce more than 10,000 books per day thanks to its new HP Indigo 100K press.

The New Jersey-based company has installed the sheetfed press, which is designed for non-stop printing, to keep up with growing demand for digitally printed books.

‘People are feeling more expressive and creative now more than ever and they are turning to self-publishing increasingly more when they realize they don’t need traditional publishing gatekeepers to find success,’ explained vice president Jim Foley. ‘Instead of spending years trying to find a publisher, especially new authors, you can get into the market very quickly through BookBaby Publishing. HP Indigo digital presses have made it possible for people and small publishers to print books of one in an efficient way to support the modern day Print on Demand publishing model.’

BookBaby provides an end-to-end book printing solution, including editing, design, printing and distribution. Since the start of the pandemic the company has seen a surge in demand, resulting in year-on-year growth of more than 100%.

Joel Maxey head of operations at BookBaby said that this resulted in a need for speed in New Jersey. ‘We are looking for velocity,’ Mr Maxey expanded. ‘The new press is much faster, providing the ability to do more, creating the capacity to print 5000 books every two shifts. We are growing at an incredible rate.’

The new press joins an existing HP Indigo fleet printing at BookBaby, including the B2-sized HP Indigo 12000, an HP Indigo 10000 and an HP Indigo 7800.

BookBaby, which was founded 11 years ago, employees 25 people and operates around the world, with more than a third of its authors based outside the US.