Pepper Communications has become the latest company to sign up with Two Sides. The marketing and communications company, based in Plymouth, says that it holds the environment ‘at the heart of its operations.’

By joining Two Sides, Pepper Communications has access to a large library of co-brandable communications tools, consumer research, industry-leading information, sustainability advice, and events. The company will be given all the tools it needs ‘to promote the great sustainable story that print and paper has to tell.’

‘At Pepper, we don’t settle for a job well done, we strive for the ‘WOW’ factor,’ said operations director Jake Whitford. ‘We ensure quality and speed to market, whilst ensuring our impact on the environment is climate positive always. Our vision is to provide intelligent and creative marketing solutions in an environmentally responsible way. Our partnership with Two Sides ensures we can deliver the great sustainable story that print and paper has to tell, in the context of our business practices.’

‘Welcoming new members on board is always a pleasure and we look forward to working with Pepper Communications,’ added Two Sides UK managing director Jonathan Tame. ‘De-busting the most common myths relating to print and paper with marketers is extremely important to us. Our partnership will help us share the environmental merits of print and paper.’