Ink manufacturer Marabu has announced that it has achieved climate neutrality. The company has said that henceforth all of its Business Units will, wherever possible, ‘make a specific contribution to achieve the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).’

‘We are safeguarding the future of the next generations and are proud that we have managed to be a climate neutral company from July 2021 with the Tamm and Bietigheim sites,’ explained York Boeder, CEO of Marabu’s Executive Committee. ‘Our so-called Project Green combines all measures that are taking us on our journey to climate neutrality. Climate protection is a particular concern for us, to which we have made a binding commitment within the scope of an extensive sustainability strategy.

‘In accordance with our Marabu Green Deal, we avoid and reduce emissions wherever possible, by using green electricity, energy-saving schemes, mobility concepts or environmentally friendly materials. We offset all unavoidable CO2 emissions by supporting internationally certified climate protection projects. We are continually implementing measures to improve our carbon footprint and update them annually to make their success measurable. We have therefore set ourselves the active goal of reducing our CO2 emissions by another 25 % by 2030.’

Specific steps the company has taken to reduce carbon emissions include  switching to green electricity from hydropower and thereby eliminating almost 2000 tons of CO2 every year, investing in electric and hybrid vehicles,  using renewable energy in its production facilities, utilising monomaterials and materials with a high recycled content, practising consistent waste management, using climate-neutral freight carriers and other lower-emission transport methods and ‘developing modern, low-emission products.’