Atlantic Tech Services has introduced ColourSure Print and Cut Rip packages, intended as an upgrade for users of Mimaki, Roland, Mutoh and Azon solvent and UV printers, offering the ability to drive multiple makes and machines with one Rip in order to achieve consistent output across all.

According to Atlantic, the ColourSure Print & Cut Rip has been developed specifically as an upgrade path for users of Rasterlink, Versaworks and Shiraz Rip software. The package can be supplied as a single printer and single cutter package or as a multiple manufacturer device package to drive both printers and plotter/cutters from a single brand or multiple manufacturers’ machines from the one Rip. The company quotes the example of ColourSure being supplied to drive from the one Rip a Mimaki roll-to-roll or flatbed printer, together with a Roland roll-to roll machine and a Graphtec plotter/cutter.

ColourSure comes with ‘state-of-the-art’ colour management tools which include ICC profiling, colour correction for highlights, mid-tones and shadows, together with colour curve controls and the option to control and reduce ink usage. The Rip technology is claimed to deliver accurate, vibrant colours for each of the supported print or print-and-cut devices, giving consistent colour across a virtually unlimited range of ink and media combinations.

Atlantic is providing national next day on-site and same day on-line and telephone support to all ColourSure Rip customers; installation and training is provided with all ColourSure packages.

Keith Pratt, Atlantic managing director, commented, ‘We see this as a very important step in the development and progress of the company and particularly as we have been working on the development of the ColourSure Rip project for some time. Our technical director Stafford Cox will head up our Rip delivery and support team and will be focusing on the future technical and sales development of the product going forward.’

The company is currently organising product training for all its engineers, and says it will soon offer for download a 14-day trial version of the product. The single Rip low cost package is available for less than £1000, with selective number of selected additional options which can be added at any time.