Customer’s Canvas has updated its flagship web-to-print offering, adding a ‘comprehensive control centre’ from which users can manage their web-to-print integration.

The update, which is designed to ‘frees users from the common hassles of managing their web-to-print module,’ features a new admin panel which allows users to set up the personalisation process, starting with adding new products, configuring their options and attributes, and uploading design templates. The panel also streamlines the backend where templates, image galleries, fonts, and other elements are stored.

Customer’s Canvas, which is supplied by Aurigma, has also added improved product template management with users now able to set up a template in the admin panel with the built-in editor. Templates can be created from scratch or imported from uploaded Adobe InDesign or Photoshop files and, in addition to creating the design, users can also set up rules for template elements to guarantee that they adhere to specific guidelines during the personalisation process.

Also updated is the text engine, which Customer’s Canvas says is now ‘on par with desktop publishing software, even overcoming the hurdles of web technology limitations.’

‘This is a great milestone for our flagship product. It’s maturing and providing an easier way for our customers to integrate web-to-print solutions,’ commented Dmitry Sevostyanov, CEO at Customer’s Canvas. ‘We have essentially revamped our entire product throughout the process of working on this major update. We implemented improvements to almost every aspect of working with Customer’s Canvas. Our goal was to boost the power of our software while also making it easier to work with. The feedback from our early users indicates that we accomplished both of those goals.’