Page Visions has praised its newly installed Konica Minolta C12000s for allowing it to expand its print capacity and meet demand for high volume, small quantity runs. The print and design agency, which has also added new trimmer units and IQ-501 quality optimisers, has seen its output soar by 30% since the installations.

The company, based in Slough, produces internal business documents for FTSE 100 companies. Its print on demand output involves high volume small quantity orders that have short and strict lead times.

Director Tom Griffiths outlined why the presses suited the company, ‘The AccurioPress C12000 ticks a lot of boxes for us, with the long paper tray being particularly useful. It is unique to Konica Minolta and we have the option to go to nine trays, but we are only using six on both machines. The two trimmer units afford us the opportunity to finish in-line, which is a good optimisation for a significant part of our work. This gives us a great deal of flexibility.’

The IQ-501 units have also made a big impact, as Mr Griffiths explained. ‘These scan the sheets for defects whilst running, giving us inline calibration, which means we can consistently manage the output between the two presses in a sophisticated way, maintaining the standard between them. It also facilitates back-to-back and sheet-to-sheet registration, which is really impressive.

‘In real-world terms we have had about a 30% increase per engine, in terms of pages per minute,’ the director concluded. ‘We also have greater consistency of colour between the two machines because of the IQ-501 unit, which is a considerable benefit too, and the In-line trimming has helped considerably as well – that really makes a difference!’