Enfield-based Print4Uk has become the first UK installation site for Duplo’s PFi Blade B2+ digital cutting table, as part of a move towards bringing B2 capabilities in-house for the HP Indigo-based printer.

The purchase was made late in 2020 but installation delayed until March 2021 . Managing director Chris Brady explained, ‘We were initially looking at a B3 cutting table, but I’m hoping to move to B2 format and so re-evaluating that decision lead me down the B2 cutting table path.

‘We needed longevity for our digital die-cutting solution and Duplo have a reputation for looking after their customers. I’m not a fan of being the first customer in the UK with any particular machine, as was evident, issues did arise during the installation and operation of the Blade at the beginning. But Duplo were very quick to respond and tried to alleviate any difficulties we had.’

Previously, Print4UK had outsourced its die-cutting, occasionally having to turn away work as a consequence and losing potential business that would have been within its scope. Mr Brady estimates that the PFi Blade cutter saved £2000 in outsourced work in its first two weeks of operation and that it will pay for itself in ‘next to no time’, being suitable for 75–85% of hitherto outsourced jobs.

‘Our business model lends itself to personalisation and short runs. Covid-19 has meant that this work is now the normal. However, there is much more margin to be had in this kind of work. We just needed to be nimbler in the market place, the pandemic helped us do this as we used the quieter times to develop strategies, rebrand and reposition ourselves to hit the ground running,’ he added.