Stock & Roll has introduced its ergonomic roll trolley to the UK market. The French product, designed to make it easier to store and protect wide-format work, was already available in several countries including France, Spain and the United States.

The innovation has been developed because of the difficulty of storing wide-format rolls once they are out of their packaging. With the weight, lack of protection and handling difficulties presenting particular challenges, Stock & Roll set out to produce a compact, easy-to-move, ergonomic solution for storing and transporting wide-format rolls.

The finished product comes with a patented holding system for six rolls and has a compact, 60cm, base as well as what the manufacturer is calling an ‘excellent weight to resistance ratio.’

The company arrives on these shores armed with testimonies from satisfied customers. John Schurman, owner of American firm Luxe Auto Concepts commented, ‘Luxe Auto Concepts isn’t your average sign or wrap shop. We are constantly pushing the envelope with vinyl products in the automotive space and have even invented our own vinyl film LightWrap. We use many different types of vinyl in our various products, and the stations for different manufacturing steps are spread out and sometimes in different rooms. The Stock & Roll units have increased our efficiency by allowing the vinyl to be moved from station to station with better tracking and less physical work for the employee. We replaced a few wall units that held the vinyl horizontally with the Stock & Wall units, and the simple fact that there isn’t a dowel rod to remove from the vinyl has been a huge improvement. The only thing I wish is that I had more of them!’

Rob Harris of CSI Alexandria added, ‘The stock and roll products are well-engineered and well thought-out. I’m not sure why a simple, easy-to-use product like this isn’t available here in the US, but I’m glad they were able to ship to us. Moving rolls around the shop has never been easier!’