Screenworks has installed a Kornit Avalanche HD6 system, supplementing its screen-printing operation with the ability to print direct-to-garment (DTG) on-demand.

The company plans to keep using its using screen-print presses to fulfil high-volume orders, however it has also been receiving growing interest in on-demand production in smaller quantities. It says that the addition of the Kornit machine has allowed it to produce retail-quality impressions at a low and consistent cost per print, deliver complex graphics with little setup time, eliminate inventory risk and to produce only what has been sold.

‘Opening up different sales channels for us, the Kornit Avalanche HD6 has brought us flexibility, adaptability, and profitability with a high-definition print,’ said Alan Porter, operations director at Screenworks. ‘The pretreatment was a key factor for us, as we can load a shirt, print it, take it off, and dry it without having a secondary process. Training people on this system is a lot easier and a lot more efficient than it would be to train more screen-print operators.’

Screenworks also believes that the Avalanche will play a key role in helping it achieve its goal of increasing automation and reducing waste. 

Chris Govier, Kornit’s EU managing director, added, ‘Screen printing will always have a place in apparel decoration, producing simpler graphics in large quantities, but the more agile producer can handle smaller jobs, quick turnaround, and unlimited imagery, while remaining profitable every time. That’s where Kornit excels, and that’s what brings success to businesses like Screenworks, which finds opportunity and versatility by having the right technology for any challenge that comes along.’