Brightside Print & Design has invested in an automated Graphtec F-Mark cutting table to increase speed, precision and product versatility in its service portfolio.

The East London company, which has produced work for brands that include Deloitte and Tiffany, has increased its digital presence by introducing SEO-based marketing services for clients moving into online sales.

Sales director Laurence Hobbs commented, ‘As more clients come knocking at the doors, the business had to ramp up its production capabilities to the next level in order to meet amplified attention and advancing demand.’

These demands are being met primarily with a Ricoh Pro 7110x toner press with the fifth colour station used for white, fluorescent colours or clear varnish. To match the creative print capabilities, the cutter was required both to speed up finishing capacity and to execute more complex cutting operations around logos and other design elements. One such is the ability to produce business cards using a multi-layered technique with Convertible Solutions’ cohesive glue to add ‘3D’ emphasis to design features.

The Graphtec machine met both needs, according to Mr Hobbs: ‘We first encountered the cutting machine in a printer’s showroom event and instantly knew it fit our list of requirements. However, from research we also deduced this was also the best value for money, but also had to factor in elements such as floorspace. Being a central London organisation we’re not blessed with copious space, and the F-Mark is rather compact.’

In addition to the new creative possibilities, the company anticipates using the F-Mark cutter to die-cut, kiss-cut and perforate paper and card products. The capability of the cutter to run unattended, handling one sheet every 30 to 40 seconds, was an important factor in its selection, and Brightside is undertaking the necessary staff training to capitalise on this.