Cimpress has announced a multi-year agreement to invest in the next-generation HP Indigo digital presses as it looks to grow its presence in the online personalised print market.

Cimpress, HP Indigo’s largest customer globally, is set to install a fleet of new digital presses over the next two years, primarily the B2-format HP Indigo 100K. The company hopes the technology  will boos its revenue and provide improved efficiency across its global manufacturing operations. 

‘More print customers have migrated during the pandemic from offline to online where Cimpress is the clear leader,’ said Robert Keane, the company founder and CEO. ‘We believe most of these customers will stay online post pandemic and we will keep driving efficiencies, continue investing to serve customers better. Over the past decades, HP has been instrumental for our growth, not only in volume, but also in capabilities. We believe in our continuous cooperation to reinforce our cost competitiveness and our ability to delight our customers worldwide.’

Cimpress’ worldwide businesses, which include Vistaprint, will use the HP technology to deliver personalised print products such as holiday cards, photo specialty items, gifts, calendars, and marketing materials.

‘Helping customers achieve growth opportunities and operational excellence is a key value for HP,’ added Haim Levit, general manager, HP Indigo. ‘We collaborated closely with Cimpress as we developed the HP Indigo 100K, in order to ensure it addresses market needs for high automation and volume to deliver personalised products. We are excited to continue to develop our strategic relationship with Cimpress to drive the long-term success of both companies.’ 

More than half of the new HP Indigo 100K units will be installed in 2021, following successful testing of automated, high-volume production during the 2020 holiday season at Cimpress manufacturing facilities in Europe. The HP Indigo 100K works directly with HP PrintOS Color Beat to ensure highest colour standards and consistency across presses and sites.