Andrew Pang has been appointed to the 12-strong Picon Council. Mr Pang, who has more than 37 years of industry experience, is Koenig & Bauer’s UK managing director.

Mr Pang started his career in printing with book printer Butler & Tanner, rising from apprentice to director before joining Koenig & Bauer. He has represented the company at the trade association since 2013.

‘Koenig & Bauer benefits from many aspects of Picon, including the industry events, networking, focus groups, training, access to HR and legal support and the exchange of information,’ said Mr Pang. ‘I want to be able to support Picon and the industry moving forward and joining the Council will help me to do that.

‘I would like to see Picon continue to support ‘new blood’  and to promote the printing industry as an exciting and resilient industry. The pandemic has shown just how dependent the world is on our industry. Picon is also well placed to help strengthen the overall professionalism of our industry by continuing to offer a broad range of seminars and focus groups to support business managers’ growth and development.’