Coreprint web-to-print from Vpress has been integrated into systems at South Yorkshire-based trade printer Route 1 Print, streamlining production and improving account management and customer service.

Initially brought in to support parent company Bluetree’s Instantprint brand, Vpress web-to-print software has increasingly been deployed to support the rapid growth of the Route 1 trade print arm of the business, further boosted by its September 2020 expansion to produce surgical masks for the NHS. Route 1 estimates that processing orders automatically via Coreprint saves five minutes per order compared to manual handling, which equates to 40 hours for every 500 jobs. Jobs are routed directly into Route 1’s production workflow.

‘Route 1 Print is trade-only, and for a segment of our clients, an integrated solution offers a big saving in transactional costs. [The] Coreprint Pro web-to-print system and its flexibility is a really good fit for these organisations, and it means their customers can order directly through it,’ explained Sarah Kilcoyne-Guilliam, head of sales and integration at Route 1 .

‘It has allowed us to significantly streamline integrated accounts using Vpress technology. Not only that, it has helped us strengthen customer service and ultimately provided a tool for our clients to win contracts they wouldn’t have done otherwise – specifically through the creation of bespoke ordering portals,’ she added.

In addition to reducing times spent by Route 1 staff on laborious and repetitive work, the Vpress software allows Route 1 account managers to receive automated processing and status reporting to monitor work progress and pass on to their clients as required. Ms Kilcoyne-Guilliam also noted that once customers become used to working with the Vpress-based system, they tend to place more work that way, because much of the work is low margin, freeing the customer’s own print capacity for more complex, bespoke or higher added-value jobs.

Further integration developments will enable the entire Route 1 product portfolio to be integrated into its customers’ e-commerce portals, further simplifying the ordering process for print end-customers.